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Tmj Dysfunction Treatment

Do you feel sharp pain in your jaw? Do you suffer from sever headaches or have difficulty chewing? TMJ dysfunction with your jaws can be disastrous if left untreated. Call our practice today at (07) 3210 2055 and book an initial consultation.

TMJ Dysfunction Treatment

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) is the umbrella term for a multi-skeletal dysfunction interrupting the jaw joints, facial nerves, facial muscles and surrounding tissues.

Patients who suffer from TMJ often experience the following symptoms:

  • Persistent headaches
  • Difficult or painful chewing
  • Ringing in the ears and/or hearing loss
  • Clicking or popping sounds when jaw opens or closes
  • Chronic neck or jaw pain
  • Constantly waking up with headaches.

Treat the Root Causes of TMJ Disorders with Holistic Dentistry

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, or TMJ, can range from a slight annoyance to a highly disruptive condition. If left untreated, the condition can become more painful and deteriorate into a serious disorder.

It usually begins innocently as a slight clicking sound in the jaw with mild irritation, but can over time develop into a far-reaching problem that affects the face, neck and shoulder muscles while causing severe headaches. When you suspect any TMJ symptoms or problems, it is important to seek immediate attention and treatment because the longer you wait, the TMJ problem becomes more profound and can be more difficult to cure. The condition may be treated using both surgical and non-surgical methods. As with most dental conditions, you should always try the least invasive method wherever possible and use surgery as a last resort. Healthy Dentistry does not offer surgical treatments for TMJ disorder, but can refer you if required.

At Healthy Dentistry, we know that a TMJ condition can severely impact a person’s physical and mental functionality and their everyday living. Instead of only treating the functional aspect of the condition, (for instance with strong pain medications) and leaving the root cause untreated, we employ minimally invasive techniques that consider the structures of the head and neck and how they impact this condition. Rather than just focussing on pain relief therapy, we will also work on alleviating the physical and mental components of the TMJ problem.

Our holistic therapies not only work on root problems like nocturnal teeth clenching (bruxism), they can also help to relieve and prevent migraines and neck, shoulder and lower back-aches. They range from simple jaw exercises that aid in pain relief, to TENS for muscles and jaw re-alignment and correction of malocclusion utilising the latest Myotronics K7 system. We will also work in conjunction with your physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath for improved results.

Healthy Dentistry patients benefit from the experience and expertise of our dentists.

If you wish to learn more about the benefits of holistic care and treatment of TMJ disorders, or inquire how the Myotronics K7 and TENS unit can help with your condition, call Healthy Dentistry at (07) 3210 2055 for a consultation today.

Why choose Healthy Dentistry for TMJ treatment?

A poor jaw and occlusal position affects the posture and articulation of the entire body. Our practice has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders using tailored plans which incorporate EMG muscle scans combined with a TENS machine, one of the most effective, safe and non-surgical solutions for TMJ patients.

TENS Machine

A TENS machine, in conjunction with adhesive electro pads and electrical stimulation, deprograms the jaw and facial muscles by relaxing specific nerves and muscles responsible for controlling jaw function. You can find out more about this machine and its benefits on our TENS machine page.

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