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Your oral health and wellbeing is our top priority

At Healthy Dentistry, we primarily focus on the preventative, nutritional, restorative, cosmetic and educational aspects of dentistry. By adopting natural oral care solutions – and avoiding toxic materials like fluoride or mercury – our treatments are safer for your body and the environment.

We maintain a personable and consultative relationship with all our patients. Our holistic aims guide the way we view the dentist-patient communication – open, friendly and two-way discussions are encouraged at our clinic. We are a patient-oriented practice that believes in creating a genuinely great experience for every single customer.

When it comes to our patients, all our dentists and staff share a simple philosophy: Your total health and wellbeing comes first. It is a succinct manifesto that extends from our attitude towards customer service to the types of treatments we provide; to the professional manner in which we deliver our services, within a caring and friendly environment.

You are warmly invited to visit us. We look forward to see you at your next appointment.

At Healthy Dentistry, we provide our patients with a number of different services. Our philosophy focuses on oral health as well as the patient's well-being. Please contact us at (07) 3210 2055 to book a consultation today.

Holistic approach to General Dentistry

We have incorporated holistic attributes into our basic range of dental services, including: Safe amalgam fillings removal; low-exposure x-rays and diagnosis; safe dental materials; gum disease treatment and prevention; and nutritional program.

Safe amalgam fillings removal. Worried about the possible toxic mercury vapours released by your old amalgams? We provide a safer method to remove them, using special filters and air-cleaning machines.

Low-exposure x-rays. We use low-exposure digital x-rays so that you receive the benefits of improved diagnostics without the risks of radiation exposure. DIAGNOcam, our infra-red light imaging tool, produces the crisp and detailed diagnostic images where traditional x-rays do not perform.

Gum disease treatment and prevention. Your best prevention against gum disease is a full-on dental care regime that includes thorough and professional assessments; regular checks and cleans; as well as a nutritional and dietary plan to build your immunity to the disease. We offer this one-stop prevention system here at Healthy Dentistry!

Nutritional program. We are firm advocates that your nutritional and dietary habits are main building blocks for a healthy smile. Your mouth, gums and throat also happen to be leading indicators that show the initial signs of nutritional deficiencies. We help you to plan a nutritional program that considers every aspect of your lifestyle and diet.

Metal Free Braces

Have you been avoiding orthodontic treatment for fear of wearing metal braces? Worry no more. Healthy Dentistry brings two innovative metal-free alternatives to traditional braces that will straighten your teeth without interfering with your lifestyle.


Invisalign is a computer-aided teeth straightening system that produces a series of clear, plastic aligners that precisely conform to your individual set of teeth. The 3D modelling software is able to map out your existing teeth and project in 3D space the different stages of movement required for your teeth to move to their desired positions.

The virtual treatment plan produces the physical aligners based on those calculations. Each of the aligners is to be worn for about two weeks over the patient’s teeth before being replaced by another one until the series is completed. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign aligners are not as visible in the mouth as metal braces that draw unwanted attention to the patient’s mouth. They are also removable and hence easier to clean and maintain.


Similar to the Invisalign, ClearCorrect braces appear nearly invisible when worn on the patient’s teeth. The custom-made, removable aligners are also designed to move the patient’s teeth towards their desired position using minute forces over time.

Metal-free Dental Implants

Looking for a stable teeth replacement option that looks and feels like real teeth? Why not consider a metal-free dental implant. Developed in Europe and now available in Australia, the ceramic dental implant is the metal free incarnation of the titanium implant that provides the same stability, aesthetics and function. The beauty of this biocompatible implant is that it circumvents the problem of immunosuppression and the electrical battery effect of metal implants.

Treatment of TMJ Disorder/ TENS

With our comprehensive approach to the treatment of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder, our patients can now correct this multiskeletal dysfunction with a safe and non-invasive procedure.

Our highly effective system incorporates the use of EMG muscle scans and TENS machine. The latter is a non-surgical treatment option that uses painless electrical pulses to establish a pain-free jaw position. The treatment involves determining the correct jaw position with TENS and prescribing a dental orthotic that is worn over the teeth to maintain the position over a designated period.