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Your nutrition and eating habits play a key role in maintaining a healthy smile. At Healthy Dentistry, our dentists care about our patients' health. Call our practice on (07) 3210 2055 or click here to book an appointment for your initial consultation.

Guidance on a healthy diet to ensure proper nutrition

Since your mouth, gums and throat intrinsically mirror the health of your overall body, the first sign of nutritional deficiencies is often detected here. This is why following a healthy diet is equally important as brushing and flossing to maintain oral hygiene and total wellbeing.

Poor nutrition and lifestyle choices reduce the body’s ability to repair teeth, threatening teeth, bone and gum survival. When food and beverages that are high in sugar and carbohydrates are consumed, they are quickly converted into acid. Increased acidity and bacteria levels attack teeth enamel, causing decay, discolouration and eventually gum disease.

Eating nutrient-rich foods stimulates saliva and strengthens enamel. It also plays a major part in preventing and reversing degenerative dental diseases.

At Healthy Dentistry, we recommend making positive changes to your lifestyle and diet, such as:

  • Healthy, Nutrient Rich Foods: Eating whole foods, organic and chemical free where possible increases the goodness of the food we eat and reduces our exposure to harmful chemicals and additives.
  • Prepare Your Own Meals: Avoid “Fast Food”. While often more convenient, fast foods are also desirable because preparation is quick, they have an extended shelf life and their taste is enhanced by chemicals, often at the detriment of your health. Preparing your own meals from nutritious ingredients is best, and preparing an extra serve to take to work for lunch helps resist the temptation to buy fast food.
  • Increasing Variety: Eating many different types of foods will help ensure that you meet your daily nutritional requirements. It also makes meals more interesting and enjoyable.
  • Maintaining Balance & Moderation: Eat the recommended servings of particular foods from each food group on a daily basis. Portion control is essential and serving sizes should be followed.
  • Staying Hydrated: Do not forget to drink plenty of purified water. It maintains a healthy supply of saliva which neutralises acid and protects teeth. Containing no calories, it is also perfect for controlling weight.

If you have dietary concerns and you are not currently under the care of a natural doctor, please let us know and we will work with you to find someone appropriate to assist you.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Marhfour today to discuss your dental goals and concerns that need improving. It is that easy!

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