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Holistic approach to General Dentistry

At Healthy Dentistry, we provide our patients with excellent dental care. We also focus on the well-being of our patients, including their diet, nutrition, as well as their emotional health. Please contact (07) 3210 2055 for more information on holistic dentistry and what it can do for you.

The main roles of general dentistry involve the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of common dental problems such as cavities, root canals and gum disease. However, these are viewed very differently through the lens of holistic dentistry.

While conventional dentists regard these ailments as mouth issues that are largely separate from the rest of the body, holistic dentists take an all-encompassing approach to tackling the causes and treating these problems. Conventional dentists resolve these issues almost always at the oral cavity level. Biological or holistic dentists, on the other hand, see the potential effects of oral problems leading to a variety of infections in the body. As such, they pay closer attention to all the elements that may contribute to a single dental issue.

They believe that oral infections can spread bacteria, toxins and viruses to other parts of the body, depress the body’s immune system and lead to diseases and illnesses. The billons of germs contained in the tubules of the teeth, holistic practitioner believe, can spread an infection through the blood, lymph and nerve networks. This can in turn trigger a host of serious ailments including breakdown in the kidneys, joints, heart and brain. A very serious infection and may even possibly take a toll on the person’s nervous and endocrine systems.

This is also why holistic practitioners devote a lot of energy and focus towards eliminating potential infection and also toxic dental materials in the mouth. They want to keep foreign materials and infections to a minimum – and under control – so as to minimize stresses to the immune system.

Due to their multi-disciplinary approach to treatment – supported by views on inextricably entwined relationships between the mouth and different parts of the body – holistic dentists spend many continuing education hours keeping up with new developments in nutrition and homeopathy, in addition to conventional dentistry.

That said, it must be noted that in many cases, holistic dentists treat common dental problems the same way as conventional dentists – just with a healthier approach.

Safe amalgam removal

One of the most controversial toxic materials found in a person’s teeth is that of amalgam fillings. Holistic dentists are worried that prolonged exposure to the mercury vapours – released in the mouth from this toxic dental material – will take a toll on a person’s general health. That is why we provide a safe amalgam removal procedure, in order to replace your traditional fillings with the safer and more aesthetically pleasing composite or porcelain fillings.

At Healthy Dentistry, we practice safe amalgam fillings removal using special protective measures. In addition to a rubber dam (a tent that isolates the tooth and catches any pieces of old filling), and a nosepiece with pure air, we use a specially designed suction type cleaning system that captures mercury vapours during dental procedures. This ensures amalgam fillings are removed gently and safely for both our patients and our staff.

Safe dental materials

Instead of using toxic materials like mercury, our “mercury-free” clinic uses safe dental materials like porcelain for crowns and fillings. These modern materials are not only strong and durable, they can be formulated to match the colour and lustre of natural teeth. We also avoid metal-based materials like amalgam because they are more susceptible to undesirable movements when subject to temperature changes inside the mouth. This can cause cracking and fracturing of teeth leading to an abscess, often with the only treatment options a root canal or an extraction. Instead, at Healthy Dentistry we take a preventative approach. We don’t use materials that hurt your teeth or your health, and we will let you know early if a problem is found, so we can work together to prevent it becoming more serious.

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