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Your smile can be that beautiful asset
... You never knew you had.

A beautiful smile does a lot more than just look good. It exudes confidence, radiates warmth and sooths nerves. When you use it at the right place at the right moment, it may even brighten up someone’s day. At Healthy Dentistry, our dental professionals are able to help you create a beautiful and healthy looking smile. The job of creating those lasting impressions, however, is all yours...

If you would like us to help you achieve a radiant and healthy smile using holistic methods that are safe and natural, call our friendly team at (07) 3210 2055.

More than just teeth and gums...

Although our main goal is to strengthen and beautify your teeth, we do not provide treatments in isolation of your overall health and well being. Rather, we foster an interdisciplinary clinical approach that treats the whole person – including the spirit, mind, body and lifestyle.

This approach extends beyond mere philosophy but underscores the very way we conduct our day-to-day business. The holistic ideology permeates every aspect of our clinical and practice activities – informing our treatment protocols; work methodologies; choice of materials and equipment; as well as service range.

Some of our holistically enhanced benefits include:

  • Metal-free dental implants
    This modern teeth replacement therapy is enhanced by a metal-free alternative that avoids the immunosuppression and electrical battery effect of metals.
  • Low radiation diagnostic equipment
    Our low-exposure digital x-ray equipment significantly improves patient health and safety.
  • Mercury-free zone
    In view of the potential toxic hazards of mercury, Healthy Dentistry is proud to be a mercury-free zone.
  • Safe amalgam removal
    We utilise special protective gear and measures to minimise mercury vapour inhalation and accidental swallowing of amalgam debris during the removal process.
  • Metal-free braces
    Our clear "see through" braces allow you to straighten your teeth without the unwanted attention.
  • Biocompatible dental materials
    We use dental materials that do not corrode; are highly resistant to heat and impact; and reduce the risk of gum bacterial growth.
  • Modern and natural-looking prosthetic material
    We use quality modern restorative materials like porcelain that promise optimum beauty and function.
  • Comprehensive oral care
    Beyond your teeth and gums, we also focus on your diet, lifestyle habits, nutrition and stress levels to provide all-encompassing dental care.
  • Nutritional and dietary guide
    True to our holistic principles, we look after your dietary needs as it is intrinsically linked to your overall oral and physical wellbeing.

You complete the circle of communication

We take pride in our professionalism, positive work ethics and patient-oriented service. That said, we won’t be resting on laurels but will continue to strive for better performance and results. That is why your continued support and feedback is so important to us.

Whether you had a simple cavity fill or an elaborate smile makeover, we would love to hear your comments on how the treatment went, whether you had a pleasant experience, and your satisfaction level with the treatment outcomes.

We welcome all your comments, whether positive or otherwise. The key is that we learn from your experience so that we are constantly improving to serve you even better. Of course, your comments will be kept private and confidential.

If you have any enquiries or wish to send us your valued feedback, please complete and submit the Online Enquiry Form on this page. Thanks in advance.