Healthy Dentistry

Alternate Treatments

Healthy Dentristy provides alternative treatments for patients who prefer non-invasive procedures. Patients who wish to undergo non-surgical solutions can look to options such as the TENS Machine treatment. Call (07) 3210 2055 to find out more information.

Holistic professionals in Brisbane are concerned about the wellness of the overall human body, not just your teeth and gums. We do not view a dental ailment in isolation but pay close attention to treat all the underlying causes that contribute to the problem. We also take a more proactive and comprehensive approach to preventing future problems.

At Healthy Dentistry, we offer alternative treatments that take into account the whole person, body, mind and lifestyle. In line with the tenets of holistic medicine, every individual is unique and has different needs. That is why we tailor each treatment for the individual patient, letting his or her specific dental situation inform the treatment planning. Our dental investigation covers all the unique characteristics of the individual patient, including dental history, acidic makeup of the mouth as well as eating and sleeping habits.

We are concerned not only about your present condition. Our approach to treatment is to prevent any dental or related health problems from developing in the future. That is why our dentists tend to spend more time with you than a conventional dentist, simply because they need to become completely familiar with all your relevant health issues in order to effectively cater to your holistic dental needs.

When it comes to diagnostics, we also make sure to reduce the use of x-rays but if necessary, use only low-dose radiation equipment. Once again, we take a long-term view of your health and not just your most immediate needs.

We understand that dental care extends beyond looking after the physical aspect of your oral cavity, but also alleviating mental and emotional strain associated with certain dental procedures. We are dedicated to finding alternative treatments that promise more comfortable and less invasive procedures, while not compromising on the treatment outcomes.

As your healthcare professionals, we are only interested in treatment methods that treat your dental problems in a safe, effective and natural way.

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